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  Market Service Provider:  Service and Operational Controls Review

Business Challenge


Our client had successfully launched a new service a few months earlier.  The end-to-end service was delivered by a number of business units, based in different locations and countries


Our client wanted to create a consolidated list (the 'run book') of all the activities, controls and reporting that made up this service.  This included the named owners and detailed timings


The objective was to use the 'run book' to

  • Baseline the service offered at a detailed level to allow incidents and change requests to be clearly described and managed against a standard framework

  • Formally map external Service Level Agreements (SLAs) against internal Operating Level Agreements (OLAs)

  • Identify where systems developments or additional resources were required to support new clients or new services for existing clients

  • Ensure that services could be fairly costed

  • Identify the potential costs and benefits from moving service delivery between units and locations


Solution Approach


We reviewed existing documentation (client agreements, SLAs, internal procedure documentation, control/exception reporting, etc), interviewed staff and developed a draft 'road map'.  This showed activities, owners and timings and was cross-referenced against the source documentation.  The initial 'road map' was then validated and revised through a series of workshops with staff from the various business units




The end-to-end service was made up of several very different components.  It was essential to have a consultant who understood how these fitted together, yet could work at the detailed level needed to produce a single document that could be agreed and used by all parties


Outcome and Business Benefit


The project was completed successfully with the 'run book' being used:

  • Internally, to agree a potential new operating model with some services being moved between units and locations

  • Externally, to agree enhancements to improve existing services and the details of new services required