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The On-Demand Hedge Fund COO

Controls include completeness checks and exclusions are authorised

The same, agreed account population is used across the firm

The underlying data used to perform controls is correct

Exceptions are actively reviewed, documented and interpreted to understand and address causes

Growing hedge funds need a COO with the experience and credibility to build and run their Operations infrastructure.  However, a full-time COO will often cost more than you may want or need to pay during the set-up and initial growth phases, and the type of COO and the skill sets required for set-up and launch are not the same as those needed for a mature organisation


We can provide flexible support to ensure you maintain a robust infrastructure that delivers the service levels you need.  This includes not just your dedicated resource but also review by Elkhorn Directors and access to other senior staff where required


There are many benefits to this approach:


  • The business founders/portfolio managers can focus on their own investment management expertise while the firm's operation is being established and project-managed to meet industry best practice


  • The infrastructure is built using specialists with extensive knowledge of the hedge fund industry, including providers


  • It brings additional credibility to the organisation:  demonstrating to existing and prospective investors professionalism in all aspects of Operations


  • It allows flexible resourcing and avoids unnecessary expense.  Short-term requirements, such as projects or staff shortages, can be addressed by quality resources familiar with your Operations


Elkhorn Directors provide an independent challenge to ensure the quality and effectiveness of any proposed solution


We offer long-term support to the management team including advice on industry best practice