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Welcome to Elkhorn Consulting

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Our specialist services include:

1.  Dynamic Data Control Validation



2.  On-Demand Hedge Fund COO



3.  Target Operating Model Design and



Our clients will typically contact us when they have:


  • Concerns that something might not be working,  possibly following an organisation or system change


  • The need to find the root cause of recurring problems


  • A requirement for senior industry consultants who can work across the firm to deliver effective solutions with minimal disruption

Our Services

Elkhorn is a specialist securities

industry management consultancy


We offer both advisory and delivery services, including review, strategy, analysis, implementation and on-demand/interim management

Our consultants are senior practitioners and technicians

Our strength is our detailed knowledge of Business, IT and Operations across the organisation

Dynamic Data Contol Validation On-Demand Hedge Fund COO TOM Design & Implementation Thinking

Why use Elkhorn?

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