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Target Operating Model (TOM) Design and Implementation

Controls include completeness checks and exclusions are authorised

The same, agreed account population is used across the firm

The underlying data used to perform controls is correct

Exceptions are actively reviewed, documented and interpreted to understand and address causes

Constant change means that Operating Models need to be continually evaluated to ensure that they remain fit for purpose and re-designed where necessary


We have worked with clients to design, implement and document TOMs to meet a range of business objectives, including:

  • Reducing costs and risks

  • Improving scaleability and client service

  • Standardising post-trade processing across different asset classes

  • Identifying opportunities to migrate activities off-shore

  • Standardising and strengthening processes and controls for managing external cash and stock accounts (including meeting CASS requirements)

  • Ensuring a shared understanding of the core business services required by the business, the issues impacting their delivery and the changes needed (covering organisation, technology and control)


Our knowledge as industry specialists means that we understand the operational implications of regulatory changes, new technologies and a wide range of business models


Our experience as Operations practitioners means that we understand the responsibilities of the functions responsible for delivering these services and the hand-offs between them


This allows us to work quickly and effectively to:

  • Agree the internal and external requirements the TOM needs to support

  • Agree and document the 'as-is' operating model, including functional definitions, inputs, outputs, and dependencies

  • Define, propose and agree the 'to-be' operating model, including the refinement process to ensure costs, implementation risks, etc, are understood and agreed

  • Develop and deliver the required change programme, covering people, processes and systems, and including both tactical projects to address immediate issues and strategic changes to deliver the target solution